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Over the recent years, furniture designers have achieved new ways of utilizing resin to create unique and extraordinary pieces of furniture and interior decor.

Resin furniture, due to its defining characteristics, is trending, popular and has become source of inspiration for a new way of thinking.


Solid or translucent epoxy resin combined with live edge wood, dyes and pigments of various types makes a perfect element for home furniture, cottages, restaurants, conference rooms, sports bars, hotels and more.

Resin bonds and connects the live edge wood to form a slab, which could then be transformed in required shape and thickness. Quite interestingly usage of slabs made from resin and live edge wood is not limited to the table top but are used creatively to make shelving units, step boards, decor and could go as far as your creativity can take it!

Epoxy resin and live edge wood can be combined with natural materials such as minerals, shells, pebbles, moss, volcanic sand and much more! All this could be more fascinating when you see the epoxy live edge wood furniture glow up in the dark!


We understand that each space requires the furniture and decor which is not only unique but resonates with the design and your dream!

Riddhi Enterprise offers hand-made epoxy resin live edge wood furniture with variety of wood options such as chestnut, oak, maple burl, walnut, rustic wood etc.

You could share your designs and ideas and we can make the epoxy resin live edge wood furniture as per your requirements.

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Product images shown on this website are for illustrative purposes only. The color, pattern, figure etc. of actual products may vary due to distinctive traits of the natural stone and wood we use to prepare the stone slabs, resin wood tops and furniture.
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