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A leading manufacturer of semiprecious gemstone slab and live edge wood epoxy resin furniture in India.

Semi-Precious Stone / Gemstone Slabs and Furniture

We offer best quality of semi-precious gemstone slabs which includes Blue Agate, Agates, Amethyst, Carnelian, Jasper, Labradorite, Quartz, Tiger Eye and more.

The slabs of semi-precious stone has variety of applications such as tabletop, bathroom vanity, back splash, kitchen countertop, vanity top, furniture accessories etc. We understand the versatile application and hence we offer the semi-precious stone slabs in various sizes, thickness, base, overlay thickness and edge profile.

Our semi-precious gemstone slabs and custom products are made to suit the needs of home, hotels, bar, yacht, cruise, aircraft etc.

Submit and discuss your own design idea for semi-precious gemstone furniture, decor etc.

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Finest Hand-crafted Epoxy Resin Live Edge Wood Top

Our epoxy resin and wood 'river tables' are handcrafted using some of the finest wood such as maple burl, walnut, ebony and mahogany.

The epoxy resin river tables are made using two slabs of wood having live edge with the clear or colored epoxy resin pour sandwiched between. The uneven edges of wood slab bonded with the translucent resin gives the flowing river appearance. Adding LED lights at the backside of the tabletop glows up the resin part giving it a celestial look!

Our epoxy resin wood slabs are used for home furniture, cottages, restaurants, conference rooms, sports bars, hotels and more.

Have a design/idea for epoxy resin wood furniture? Let us know and we can work on our requirements.

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Product Gallery

Riddhi Enterprise is your best source for the highest
quality of semi-precious gemstone slabs and epoxy resin wood products.

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  • resin-wood-table-23-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-21-850x567
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  • resin-wood-table-17-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-14-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-13-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-12-850x567
  • semi-precious-table-28-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-4-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-9-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-8-850x567
  • riverwood1-850x567
  • big-table1-850x567
  • round-table-office-850x567
  • small-table1-850x567
  • center-tabl2-850x567
  • stone-plae1-850x567
  • Dining-table-full-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-1-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-2-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-3-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-10-850x567
  • resin-wood-table-7-850x567

About Riddhi Enterprise

Incorporated in the year 1996 Riddhi Enterprise started off as high-end, custom, luxury furniture and home decor maker. Our clients are the individuals, interior designers, architects and corporates who value the exemplary craftsmanship and quality over price.

Riddhi Enterprise is a team of experienced craftsmen, woodworkers led by Mr. Chetan Patel who aims to provide impeccably designed slabs, tiles, furniture, decor, counter tops, coffee table, headboards, kitchen backsplash etc. crafted from highest quality sparkling semi-precious gem stone and epoxy resin waterfall (or riverbed) wood.

Our commitment towards highest quality and finishing is the reason we are a preferred manufacturer and supplier of semi-precious gemstone slabs, tiles and epoxy resin wood furniture, to some eminent individuals and firms in the interior designing and architect field.


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    Why Riddhi Enterprise?

    Specialized Company
    Manufactured and exporter of semi-precious gemstone slabs, tiles and epoxy resin wood furniture in India.
    Bespoke Designs
    100% truly made to design projects for slabs, furniture etc. using semi-precious gemstones, epoxy resin wood.
    Quality Assured
    We use top grade natural sparkling gemstones, wood and resin to fabricate slabs, tiles and furniture.
    Trusted Name
    We have worked for and are trusted by the renowned names in the architecture and interior design industry.
    Dependable Services
    We ensure every project is finished with highest quality, finishing, within given timeframe and budget.
    Best After Sales
    Our gemstone slab and epoxy river wood products are backed up with quality, finishing and after sales support.
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    Take back your free time by having us take care of your garden

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